Limited edition new album: Live at the Half Moon, Putney, July 2017

Thanks to the miracles of a digital desk, mixed by Roland Clarke and edited by Tony O’Malley, we’re pleased to announce our new live album.  

Featuring a mix of established favourites and tracks that have not previously featured on official releases, we hope it captures the great vibe on those two nights.

If you haven’t managed to buy one at one of the recent gigs, you can now buy online.

Line up:
Frank Collins, Helena May Harrison, Charlotte Churchman – vocals
Tony O’Malley – piano and vocals
Neil Hubbard – guitar
Jim Mullen – guitar
Jennifer Maidman – bass
Ross Stanley – hammond organ
Andy Treacy – drums
Jody Linscott – percussion
Ally McDougal – congas

Mixed by Roland Clarke
Edited by Tony O’Malley
Front cover photo: Alan Jackson
Back cover photo and sleeve design: Sue Martin