Man Made Laws demo recording

From John Sussewell, drummer on this track (and the Rise & Shine album):
Man Made Laws” written by Frank Collins. Performed by Kokomo as a demo in London, this tune never made it to another album on Columbia. I know that at the time it could easily be said that the “market” wasn’t ready for this rendition. Are we any more ready today? I think not – so just be Prepared.
This is just a studio performance of a “demonstration” material. I know Columbia Records at that Time wasn’t prepared for forward thinking. All we did as a band was rehearse the song. All I did as the drummer was borrow from Steve Gadd’s licks on Paul Simon’s “Fifty Ways to Lose a Lover” and with a totally different pulse. Properly produced and mixed (with Everyone on board), this song would kick butt Today (some 37 years later since first recorded off of Tottenham Court Road/London).
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