I Can Understand It

I Can Understand It singleThis song was written by Bobby Womack and included in his Understanding album, released in 1972. It has been a favourite in the Kokomo set list since the early days, usually as the last pre-encore number, featuring the band’s soloists (notably Jim Mullen) and some Frank Collins ad hoc choreography.

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An edited version was released as single in US (Columbia 3-10145), with Feeling’ This Way on the B side.
This pairing was also used as for promotion purposes in UK (CBS 3379).

I Can Understand It – RFH

From the “Soul Summit” at the Royal Festival Hall

Live in Concert 1975 CD artwork

I Can Understand It, Live at the Venue ’81

The Venue, London

Below Zero’s new wave R&B. which ripped through their ‘Greatest hits’ with a ferocity which almost equalled PIL. Below Zero aren’t bad musicians, but they’re all Rhythm and precious little Blues. The lead guitarist plays good rock’n’roll oh a nice 335. but their ‘R&B’ seems to attract headbanging dummies but for some uptown top skanking.

NME Review, Sheffield

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane


Review from NME, 13 December 1975 by Steve Clarke
He meant John Sussewell, rather than Peter