Ronnie Scotts: review from ‘Prog’ magazine

Rather incongruously, there’s a review by Malcolm Dome of the Ronnie Scott’s gig in the October 2016 edition of ‘Prog’ magazine.

The full online version is ‘subscription only’, but the intro is free. They liked it the show.

There’s a joyous whiff of balance in the band’s performance here. The members obviously take what they do very seriously, but they have a self‑deprecating humour too. When the three vocalists – yes, three – stride onstage during Third Time Around, they all have on pink feather boas. It’s a hilariously simple prop that’s augmented by some wonderfully incongruous choreography. But this is never allowed to upstage the fact that the trio – as well as keyboard player Tony O’Malley – have spectacular voices.

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