New double CD: To Be Cool – the Rehearsal Sessions

The ‘To be Cool’ album has long been prized by Kokomo fans. It showcases the band in very fine form in a live session in their early days.

A new edition is now available: To Be Cool – the Rehearsal Sessions, as a 2 CD digipack, including a booklet and priced at £15. It includes all the original tracks on one CD, plus 7 previously unreleased demo tracks on a second.

“Hot Stuff from an ultra cool band” – Read the review from Record Collector magazine.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Friend Of Mine (live session)
  2. It Ain’t Cool (To Be Cool No More) (live session)
  3. A Mother’s Prayer (live session)
  4. Freedom For The Stallion (live session)
  5. New Morning (live session)
  6. Chameleon (live session)
  7. Anytime (live session)
  8. Yes, We Can Can (live session)
  9. Angel (live session)
  10. I Can Understand It (live session)
  11. The First Snow In Kokomo (reprise) (live session)

Disc 2

  1. Lonely Town, Lonely Street (demo)
  2. Somebody’s Watching You (demo)
  3. Sweet Home Chicago  (demo)
  4. Angel  (demo)
  5. Gonna Drown This Feeling’ (demo)


  1. Looking For Something Real (demo)
  2. Half Of What I Am  (demo)