Doug Dean

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane


Review from NME, 13 December 1975 by Steve Clarke
He meant John Sussewell, rather than Peter 


Naughty Rhythms articles from the NME

Money doesn’t talk – it mutters out the side of its mouth. The Naughties of Those Naughty Rhythms. A look back on the Naughty Rhythms tour from a business perspective. Full article here

Eat your heart out Arhur Howes, an NME review of a couple of the gigs

Naughty Rhythms tour at the Rainbow – reviews and ads

There are no encores on the Naughty Rhythms tour. but on Saturday night at the Rainbow each band – Chilli Willi.and.the Red Hot Peppers, Dr. Feelgood and Kokomo could have done one. There was a good feeling in the theatre, and although all three bands showed some inexperience of working to audiences of that size

Review in NME of 100 Club gig


Oh well… Not even Kokomo can please everyone all the time.