Mel Collins

Hyde Park

Pictures ©John (Zig) Parkes 1975/2005

Reading Festival 1975

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Melody Maker snippet after 75 US tour

us tour 75

First album review: NME. “Buy it and listen to it very, very loud”

Things go better with KOKOMO!!! KOKOMO “Kokomo” (CBS) THE AVERAGE Whites broke the ice with their second album and Kokomo will be the first of the beneficiaries. To keep you interested, “Kokomo” is the best British debut in several years and I’d say we had another major group on our hands (except that “major group” is

100 Club – Steve Peacock – Sounds

KOKOMO ANSWER TO A PRAYER YOU GET those weeks when it’s almost Christmas and the printers are going on holiday and you have to do two issues in one week and you’re a bit knackered and it’s nice to go and have some drinks and listen to a band. Any band would do. Kokomo are

Review in NME of 100 Club gig


Oh well… Not even Kokomo can please everyone all the time.