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Interview with Mel Collins by Chris Groom

Mel talks Chris Groom through his musical journey in this long piece on the King Crimson “Elephant Talk” site. It also includes an excellent Mel Collins “Rock Family Tree” in the style of Pete Frame. “In May 1973 Neil Hubbard and Alan Spenner formed Kokomo, with Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Paddy McHugh and Tony O’Malley

Kokomo 1

Playlist: Kokomo I

The first album as a video playlist

From the Hope and Anchor to the Hollywood Bowl: NME interview with Alan Spenner & John Sussewell:

Interview Alan Sus NME

First album review: Sounds. “Five stars and a Nobel Prize”

‘KOKOMO’ (CBS 80670) THE EVOLUTION has been interesting – both Kokomo as a band and the musicians who joined together to form it. Arrival always seemed a band with plenty of musical strength and ideas, but without a path. The Grease Band, particularly the Spenner/Hubbard team, have long been among my favourite British musicians, but

Hyde Park

Pictures ©John (Zig) Parkes 1975/2005

BBC John Peel Session, broadcast 27 February 1975

Tracklist Good To Be Alive Oo-Ee-Baby Cos We’ve Ended Now As Lovers New Morning Line Up Neil Hubbard (Guitar) Alan Spenner (Bass) Tony O’Mally (Keyboards, Vocals) Frank Collins (Vocals) Paddie Mchugh (Vocals) Dyan Birch (Vocals) Terry Stannard (Drums) Jim Mullen (Guitar) Jody Linscott (Conga) Chris Mercer (Saxophone) Producer – Tony Wilson Engineer – Bill Aitken