Mackie Subero

I Can Understand It, Live at the Venue ’81

Use Your Imagination – Live at The Venue ’81

The Venue, London

Below Zero’s new wave R&B. which ripped through their ‘Greatest hits’ with a ferocity which almost equalled PIL. Below Zero aren’t bad musicians, but they’re all Rhythm and precious little Blues. The lead guitarist plays good rock’n’roll oh a nice 335. but their ‘R&B’ seems to attract headbanging dummies but for some uptown top skanking.

Kokomo/Matumbi, Roundhouse, London

Funky Music for the VATman IT ISN’T nostalgia that’s brought the erstwhile London funkster combo, soul supremos Kokomo together for this Class of ’76 reunion. It’s money, and necessity of raising same to repay a dirty great VAT demand. Ho-hum. Which isn’t to say we can’t have a little fun at the same time, and