Dyan Birch

Arrival was formed Dyanwhen Dyan, Frank and Paddie got together in Liverpool in the mid-sixties and headed for London, hooking up with Tony.  Dyan sang lead vocals on Arrival’s two big hits in 1970, I Will Survive and Friends.

Frustrated by the record company encouraging them towards a pop-oriented sound, Arrival’s members formed the nucleus of Kokomo.

In the various breaks in Kokomo’s career, Dyan has worked as a session and backing singer, often along with Frank and Paddie.
Dyan Birch discography

Sadly, Dyan has not been well enough to perform in the recent gigs.

Farncombe 2014 rehearsals

100 Club August 2014

Seeing the mighty Kokomo, blue-eyed British soul survivors, splendidly flexing their funk at the 100 Club, after a gap of a mere thirty eight years since they last appeared there, was a real joy. Only the cream of British funk could bring off a reunion like this so successfully. Here’s hoping for a reunion of the reunion.” – Geoff Winston, London Jazz news

Thanks to Neil Holmes for the photos

Live in Concert 1975 CD artwork

Interview with Mel Collins by Chris Groom

Mel talks Chris Groom through his musical journey in this long piece on the King Crimson “Elephant Talk” site. It also includes an excellent Mel Collins “Rock Family Tree” in the style of Pete Frame. “In May 1973 Neil Hubbard and Alan Spenner formed Kokomo, with Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Paddy McHugh and Tony O’Malley

Letter to NME, 24 April 1993


Letter to NME, 20 January 1992