Average White Band

AWB logoThe Average White Band was formed in 1972 in Scotland and made a major break-though in 1975 when their classic single ‘Pick Up the Pieces’ hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The AWB album, with its classic logo, was also a number one.

A series of successful albums and singles continued until 1983, when the band initially disbanded. Originals members Alan Gorie, Roger Ball and Onnie McIntyre, reunited in 1989 and the band has been touring and recording with various line-ups since, with Roger being replaced by Freddie Vigdor in 1996.

As kindred soul and funk spirits, Kokomo made natural touring buddies for AWB, in both USA (Jun-Aug 1975) and UK (May-Jun 1976).

Wind forward forty years, and the two bands shared a stage at the Soul Summit at a sold-out Royal Festival Hall.

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Royal Festival Hall, November 2015

The sold-out Soul Summit, also featuring The Average White Band. With only a 45 minute set, Kokomo needed to hit the ground running, and certainly did that. The standing ovation was well deserved. What a night!
PS Check out Frank’s boots


Reviews: Royal Festival Hall, with The Average White Band

AWB_KOKOMO_website_header_920x550_920_550shar-20_s_c1[1]The mood was laid with a first set from Kokomo – their neat instrumental work leaving space for three singers to dance, enjoy themselves and whip up the crowd.London Jazz News

..the more rarely heard Kokomo fielded more of the original line-up, including guitarists Jim Mullen and Neil Hubbard, Tony O’Malley on keyboards and vocalists Paddy McHugh and Frank CollinsThe Herald, Scotland

The band had only 45 minutes but certainly made the most of it with a fantastic set…. . Frank Collins took in the role of MC with passion and enthusiasm pulling the crowd from their slumber (not always easy in a completely seated venue) and making sure a splendid time was had by all.” Louder Than War

The Thinking Person’s Funk Band, by Fred Rath

THE CURRENT vogue is for Soul artists to suddenly declare ‘I’m back!!!’ when they’ve never been away. With the kick-off of their own tour of the country, no doubt the same phrase will be used in reference to Kokomo – often by people with little knowledge of the ins and outs behind the band’s last

Hammersmith with The Average White Band

THIS WAS one double bill I Just had to see. I mean rock is so hard to find these days and there are good concerts every week but this had to be the one. And it was in enough ways to send 3,000 people home happy. May I say that again. Happy. Because everyone on

Full page ad in NME for 1976 AWB/Kokomo tour


AWB ticket – Glasgow