An update from Frank Collins about Dyan Birch – 24 March

March 2017

Dy is now back home after an extensive hospital stay during which time she contacted pneumonia and we came very close to losing her … we were in fact told the devastating news just a few weeks ago that she only had days left and was therefore put on a palliative care programme but, Dy being the strong character she is has quite miraculously pulled through …. she’s obviously quite weak at the moment and will need time to re-build her strength and I don’t want to jump the gun as it’s still early days but I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the good wishes and prayers you’ve all so kindly and sincerely sent for Dy during this traumatic time….. I’ve cried a million tears and had kind of come to terms with losing her given the heartbreaking information we had but … I asked for a miracle and put it out there to all of you and to me this is nothing short of a miracle …… I’d like to thank the doctors and nurses who took excellent care of our precious Dy and especially a certain consultant who’s name i don’t have at the moment who took a last ditch attempt with an epilepsy treatment despite the fact she’d been instructed that there was nothing more could be done …… she took the initiative purely from a humane stance and this may have been the catalyst that turned everything around but I also choose to believe that all the good energy that poured in from all of you also made a tangible difference … keep it comin’ …..who knows……. I believe in miracles.

A message from Frank Collins about Dyan Birch

March 2017

To all friends and fans of Arrival/Kokomo …… just to let you all know …. our beautiful Dyan has been in hospital for the past two weeks, and is currently still there ….. she has a severe respiratory problem which has gotten progressively worse and therefore needed to be admitted into the Intensive care unit where she is being cared for diligently by the doctors and nurses.

Henry, son of Dy and the late Alan Spenner (original bass player with Kokomo) has been constantly by her side with the loving support of his newlywed wife Zara.

She is visited frequently from her family and closest friends and is surrounded by lots of love and support.

I’m sure you will all want to express and send your sincere wishes to Dy and are all very welcome to do so on these pages.

Whilst we all dearly hope that she pulls through somehow, in reality the prognosis doesn’t look hopeful so I put it out there that we all send positive energy and prayers to the most beautiful spirit I have ever known …… all good wishes to you all and there’s no harm in wishing for a miracle. Take care. xxxx

Posters for March 2017 shows

January 2017

Lonely Town, Lonely Street

October 2016

From the the first of two sold-out nights at Half Moon, 14 October 2016

The Robert Elms Soul Night at Boisdale, Canary Wharf, 8th April 2016

April 2016

Boisdale is a up-scale ‘restaurant in Canary Wharf that has live jazz, blues and soul music every day. Robert Elms hosts an occasional Friday ‘soul night’ there, often with tribute bands. But Robert is a long-term Kokomo fan, so Sue Martin managed to get Kokomo booked.

This was a very different gig than Wednesday’s Half Moon show. Everyone was seated, and hardly anyone had come specifically to see Kokomo. However, lots of people had clearly come to dance, and the tiny dance floor in front of the stage was soon full to overflowing. It was great that Kokomo is reaching a new audience.

Here are some photos from Sue Martin, Doug Dean and Alan Jackson

The Quest for the Melodic Electric Bass: From Jamerson to Spenner

October 2015


Alan takes his well-deserved place in esteemed company in this academic study of masters of the bass guitar by Per Elias Drablos, an Associate Professor at the University of Agder, Norway, teaching electric bass as a principal instrument.

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